When you truly love someone this is the result. An amazing couple session, inside their home, just what they are, having fun. How beautiful are they? Enjoy the story! The rain decided not to show up. What lucky we've been! Beautiful as ever, with a contagious smile, surrounded by the people that count. This is the marriage of Nicole and Nicola. Ps: thanks to my friend and colleague Tommaso for the wonderful work done together!ro fatto assieme! Francesca and Claudio is that kind of couple you can feel is a special one. Discreet, kind, polite, so in love. But above all, they trust me, without ifs and buts. This is the story of these two beautiful professors, among the works of art by Villa Marignana Benetton on a hot and beautiful summer day. **Location**: Villa Marignana Benetton, Mogliano Veneto(TV)

Marco Ortolan | Documentary Wedding Photographer in Venice

Portrait & Documentary Wedding professional photographer based in Venice, Italy.