Hi, I'm Marco, very nice to meet you.

I live in Venice and I am a professional photographer, but I prefer to call myself a photographer for the love of it. The power that can emanate an image is incredible. What you can understand about a man from his portrait can surprise you. I've always loved writing, even a few lines. Leave a message.
To find out that I could do it with light, through an image, it was like falling in love again. Photographing is my way to materialize what I think, what I am, how I see a person.
Why the people? Because you can never take them for granted. Because they are always different from each other. Because they are the result of a lot of stories. My wish is to be able to tell these stories, viewed with my eyes but filtered by my way of thinking, by my experiences, my beliefs, my passions. Whether it is your most important day of your life or a portrait about yourself.
  This is me, this is my dream and you are my best photographs.