ALICE + ANDREA - Engagement Session

Alice e Andrea

Andrea is a childhood friend. You know, one of those you can count on the fingers of a hand.
Alice is an old friend too. The news of their marriage took me off guard, but at the same time I felt happy. And how could I not? Yes, I admit, sometimes I still see Andrea like the childhood friend with whom I went around with our mopeds, carefree. Riding our bikes down the mountains, nights in great company, the jokes at school (yes, we've been classmates too..). But right after I see an adult boy, young architect, a down-to-earth guy with a precise idea about ​​his future. He's is nostalgic too, thinking about the old days, but aware of being a different person. We are different people. And here it comes the happiness.
With Alice it was a bit different, we met through mutual friends to end up in one big company. And it is the same way their love was born, a little muted, between embarrassment and passion, but with such a strong sincerity feeling that they didn't even know. I remenber quite well when as a joke I told him: "You know you're cooked, right?" and he, with that face as if to say "you got me", smiled approvingly.
I don't deny it: photographing two people you love, it makes me proud. The idea I will have the opportunity to let them the proof of their love seen through my eyes, it makes me so happy. This first shooting was a bit like the preface of an amazing book. Can't wait for the wedding!
I love you guys!